Enrollment Requirements For Nursing and Surgical Technology Programs

Upon acceptance to the program, the incoming student should be in good physical and mental health. Results of the following must be submitted prior to entry:

  1. Physical examination which includes drug testing. Drug testing must be administered through the Hospital's Industrial Medical Center. Failure to pass drug testing will result in withdrawal of acceptance.
  2. Completed immunizations including but not limited to rubella, diphtheria, varicella titer, tetanus, measles, seasonal influenza and Hepatitis B.
  3. Annual Tuberculin test.
  4. Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) Certification for the Healthcare Provider or Professional Rescuer.
  5. Background check.
  6. Verification of malpractice insurance.
  7. Verification of U.S. Citizenship or Current Permanent Resident Card.
  8. Signed Enrollment Agreement
  9. HIPAA exam
  10. CHA exam
  11. Official transcripts for Chemistry and English Composition by August 15th (Nursing Students only)