The classrooms, lecture halls, and skills laboratories are designed and furnished with state of the art equipment to ensure advanced teaching techniques.

Gladys and Arthur Lunin Learning Resource Center
The student Learning Resource Center located in the School of Nursing consists of individual study areas with modern audio-visual equipment, multi-media learning systems, and a collection of textbooks. Also included are computers and educational software to augment instruction.

Skills Laboratories
Practice labs at BHSN provide the student the facilities to practice and become proficient in Nursing and Surgical Technology skills. Students are encouraged to utilize the labs.

Simulation Laboratory
SYN:APSE Simulation Center is a resource for the entire Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS) committed to optimizing healthcare delivery and engendering a culture of patient safety through the development of innovative experiential learning initiatives designed to achieve measurable outcomes. Students of the School of Nursing are privileged to have access to this Simulation Center.

The SYN:APSE family is proud to feature a comprehensive array of high and low-fidelity computerized neonatal, infant, pediatric, and adult patient simulators (mannequins). All our high-fidelity simulators speak, cry, breathe (full complement of breath sounds with variable breathing patterns), and feature a circulatory system (wide array of heart sounds and pulses with variable intensities).

The spacious Reeves Memorial Health Sciences Library is located on the fourth floor of the hospital. The facility is available for required research with the assistance of a qualified librarian.

Clinical Facilities
The School of Nursing's affiliation with a 425-bed teaching hospital provides extensive clinical opportunities for students. Clinical experiences are provided in the specialized patient care units of Bridgeport Hospital. Rooms on each patient unit are utilized for conferences and discussion. In addition, community facilities are selected so that the student will have the widest possible range of learning experiences in all phases of study.